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The Perfect Budget- Friendly Family Cruise


    So, this past week I had the great fortune of joining my extended family for a cruise to  Grand Bahamas Island.

We cruised aboard The Grand Bahamas Celebration, a cruise ship that takes off from Port of Palm Beach, FL and travels to Freeport of the Grand Bahamas.


       It’s a popular cruise because of the amenities, low-cost and flexible scheduling. All and All it is the perfect Cheap Cruise for families. 



Why we chose to do one of the 2-Night “Cheap Cruises”

1) Quick Getaway


The ship sails out during the weekdays and weekends. You board the ship in the afternoon and arrive at the Bahamas the following morning. By the evening you are on your way back to the United States. This makes this cruise perfect for working professionals, families with children and singles.



Almost everyone can fit 2 days away into their busy schedule.


With young children, you never know quite how they will react and adjust to new settings. The Grand Celebration ship was perfect because it offered just the right amount of time for a change of scenery without getting old.


Having extended family onboard was really nice. It’s something about being able to knock on the door to your twin sister’s room at 2am and not be looked at crazily. The kids all enjoyed seeing each other again in one place.

(Click photos to enlarge!)

2) Family-Friendly Cruise


As I mentioned earlier, during this cruise we met up with members of our extended family. My parents, aunt, sisters, nieces, and cousins cruised with us. It took a lot of work and planning to put it together.


It was a great opportunity for our extended family to get together, experience new adventures, and see the world at a fair price. Another point for cheap cruises.


I love the fact that this ship has Kids Clubs for children ages 3-17. The Clubs are separated into 3 different age groups. The Kruzers club is for children ages 3-6, Club Chill for ages 7-12, and Club Vibe for ages 13-17.


While the kids are busy enjoying their limited “independence” in the Kids Club which runs until 12 am, parents can enjoy the night having an elegant dinner followed by an award-winning show, live band, nightclub or just some quality time out on the deck. 



If you’d like some help planning your next family trip, cheap cruise or romantic getaway contact my travel agency HERE. 

3) Affordable Price Tag

Popular cruiselines go anywhere from $350 and up per person. Children are charged full or partial fare depending on the cruiseline. This can make cruising too expensive for many families.

Grand Celebration cruiseline stands apart from other cruiselines in that it is very affordable for many people. Average fare of $219 per person plus taxes for an Oceanview room. You may even find cheaper rates by booking through Groupon. Specials as low as $299 plus taxes for 2 people. Now that’s what I call a cheap cruise.

4) Visit Another Country Without A Passport!

Don’t forget to check out my post 8 Essentials you need when Traveling with a Baby to make sure you’re all packed for your next trip!


Because we love to travel the world and experience other cultures, I was excited for my family members to visit the Bahamas. Some of whom have never owned a passport.  It was especially exciting for my young nieces, and youngest daughter, who have never left the United States.


If you have every wanted to travel outside of the U.S without going through the process and paperwork of getting a passport, cruises are a great option. You are able to take an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas, on a Grand Ship with just your birth certificate. Make the most of your day in the Bahamas by booking a cultural tour to learn about the Island.


To book a tour or learn more about activities on the island, Contact Us.

5) Great Amenities

So, you are going to be aboard a ship for 2 days, what will you do? Great question. I appreciated the numerous activities and entertainment option aboard the ship.



There are poolside activities with crew members, clubs, live bands, magic shows, comedy shows, professional photographers, a casino, and spa just to name a few. With so many diverse and entertaining options, it’s hard to get bored, or even do it all.

6) Great Food

Being pescatarians, I was a bit worried about our family having sufficient dining options available.

This was not a worry as there were vegetarian and seafood options aplenty!

The kids enjoyed the 24/7 pizza and I most enjoyed the included formal breakfast and dinners. With all my extended family onboard, and plenty of different taste buds, everyone seemed happy with the food.

7) Disconnect To Connect

One thing I really love about cruises is that it forces you to disconnect from the internet and connect with the people around you.


You would be surprised how much conversations occur when Facebook, YouTube and Google are not around to distract you.


We were able to fully engage in and appreciate all our moments and memories aboard the ship, and that my friend, is priceless.


For those that feel the need to stay connected either to family or work, there are options to have WiFi aboard the ship for an extra cost.

8) Great Family Shots!

If you’re anything like me you might be lacking professional pictures of your family.


With 2 small kids finding the time and motivation to get everyone dressed up to go out and take pictures is a daunting task.


The ship has professional photographers on deck available to take those pictures in a matter of minutes.


Best of all, the pictures are usually available for purchase in about an hour. If you haggle a little with your cashier, you are able to get some great shots at a deal.


An Overall Great Value!

To sum things up, the Grand Celebration 2-night cruise is a great option for a quick vacation.


While it is a smaller cruise line and you spend less days cruising, you are guaranteed a fun-filled vacation if you let go and unwind!


Have you ever taken a cruise? What was the best cruise you’ve taken? Comment below.

Until next time… Be well, Be healthy, Be inspired.


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