Family visit to the Phuket Trick Eye Museum 

Top Things to do in Phuket

We recently arrived to Phuket, Thailand and this place is truly amazing!!! There is just so much to see and do. Our Airbnb is absolutely stunning, watch out for the blog post all about it!!! But, what I love most here all the kid-friendly attractions available. By day 2 of our trip we were all rested and ready to explore the new land, but with so great things to do in Phuket, we really didn’t know where to begin. 


We decided to give this popular *Kid Friendly* museum a try.

Things to do in phuket

The Phuket Trick Eye Museum was a great treat for us. Being  unsure of exactly what to expect going in as my husband discovered this attraction, we were all pleasantly surprised.  Before entering I was worrying how in the world I was going to keep two toddlers entertained in a museum looking at random pictures for over an hour.

Turns out it’s not your “Grandma’s Museum”. The Phuket Trick Eye Museum is a modern museum with a unique twist.

The entry price is about 450 bhat for adults *13.59 USD* and 270 bhat for children *$11.17 USD*

So let’s cut right to the chase, what exactly IS the Phuket Trick Eye Museum??! 

It’s a 3-D interactive museum that allows you to stimulate your creativity, imagination and inner artist.

To break it down in the simplest terms, it’s a place where you get to take unique and interesting pictures with your family. Pictures you can treasure for a lifetime. There are photographs ranging from the classic Vincent Van Gough’s to the more recent Disney favorites like Frozen.

You literally just get inside the painting and it appears like you are really there. Its like having your own fantasy land. There’s something for every age range and personality to love and enjoy.


Things to do in phuket
Things to do in phuket



First thing is first, take off your shoes! Like most places here in Thailand, it is required to take off your shoes before entering the Phuket Trick Eye Museum. If you ever visit Thailand, you’ll find this is to be the case with most things to do in Phuket. Most of the time they enforce this just to keep the floors clean. In other instances, for example the many temples in Phuket, the primary reason for removing your shoes is to preserve the sanctity of the space.



After paying the entry fee a guide ushers you inside where a friendly photographer is waiting to take your picture. In front of a green screen nonetheless. Why you ask? To place your family in front of even more hilarious and random scenes with the hope that you’ll purchase copies at the end of your trip. Why someone would want to purchase these pictures after you just got done taking loads of other hilarious pictures are beyond me, but I digress…


Insider tip::: After your picture is taken in front of the green screen it’s the perfect opportunity to hand the photographer your personal camera and request your own family photograph in front of the beautiful park scene nearby. I mean, how often do you get the whole family in a photograph anyway amiright?!

Speaking of pictures in front of the green screen, have you checked out the last green screen photos we took on our  2-night BAHAMAS CRUISE? Definitely a great experience at an inexpensive price. You can book your own cruise, and see new specials here.


The Phuket Trick Eye Museum is really one of the BEST things to do in Phuket because it is very kid-friendly. Not only is it indoors, air conditioned and slip resistant, but its very easy for the little ones to get involved.  Once my toddlers (2.5 and 1) understood that we were simply going from picture to picture snapping funny photographs they began racing us to the next picture. They ended up enjoying the Phuket Trick Eye Museum more than even we did!

Although I will admit that by the time you reach the end you’re really all “pictured-out”, overall it was a great experience and really worth the money and time spent. Best of all, you have beautiful pictures and memories to last a lifetime. 


So what did you think? Have you ever been to a place like this? Would you go or not? Drop a comment below. Until next time Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Inspired. 


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