Family Travel to Thailand with Kids

Thailand with kids

Are you a family who loves to travel? If so, you should definitely add Thailand to your travel bucket list.

Traveling to Thailand is a very different experience, particularly if you have never been out of your home country. It can be daunting to think about traveling to a foreign country like Thailand. It can be especially unnerving to think of traveling to Thailand with kids. As someone who just got back from Thailand with kids I can tell you that it is a very family-friendly country. Thai people are warm and welcoming and have a special affinity towards children.

It’s no surprise that many families are anxious about traveling to Thailand with kids. Fears slowly creep in about what’s safe to eat, how the kids will adapt, and what if anything you will be able to do.  In fact, when most people think of Thailand they think of elephant rides, island hopping, and “lady boys”. Many people don’t consider Thailand a family-friendly vacation spot at all. In this article I hope to debunk that. I share why it’s AMAZING to go to Thailand with kids. I hope you enjoy this article.

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Thailand with kids


There is so much to love about Thailand. There are beautiful beaches, flavorful food, and temples galore. There is something for everyone to do. The top reason why it’s great to go to Thailand with kids is the cost of living. I won’t go into to much detail about the cost of everything because it truly depends on what you want to do and how long you plan to stay in Thailand with kids. Here is a breakdown of minimum costs of living in Thailand.

Minimum Cost of Living

Monthly ExpenseCost (USD$)
Rent & Wifi160
Electricity & Water20
Scooter & Gas65
Weekly Massages15
Evenings Out50
Prices are minimum based on Chiang Mai cost of living

The low cost of living makes Thailand a great prospect for an extended vacation. In fact, you can find many expats residing in Asia. If you should want to travel for an extended amount of time to Thailand with kids, consider the cost of a private school, nanny, or tutor. All of which are insignificant amounts compared to what you would pay in say the U.S or U.K. Below you can find our Airbnb rental when we visited Asia. The costs for an Airbnb in Thailand is cheaper and more accommodating than local hotels or resorts. Use our link to get $40 off your first Airbnb rental. 

Thai Food is Delicious.

The next reason why taking a vacation to Thailand with kids is great is because Thai food is absolutely delicious. Our kids loved it! Thai food has got to be one of the best cuisines in the world. It’s flavorful, healthy and fresh. And, it’s so cheap to purchase. We paid an average of $10 USD or less on our family of 4 when eating out (2 adults and 2 toddlers).



There are vegetarian and vegan options available. If your kids are not really into Asian food there are still plenty of options for burgers, pizza and fries available. You can even find many American favorites at a local Tesco grocery chain. I mean, peanut butter and jelly is a staple for us no matter where we go, even to Thailand with kids.

Thai people love kids!!!

Thailand with kids


Traveling to Thailand with kids is especially great because Thai people love kids. They really do. I can’t even count the amount of people who greeted, hugged and offered fruits to our children. It’s a great icebreaker when there are language barriers as “cute kid” is a universal sign of peace and welcoming.

Thailand with kids

Family Friendly Attractions

We found plenty of things to do in Thailand with kids. I will be sharing our excursions in the coming weeks. Just to name a few family-friendly things to do, consider the Phuket Trick Eye Museum, an Island Hopping boat tour, and the Jungcelyon Mall. There are many, many more options. A google search of fun things to do in Thailand with kids should prove helpful.

Looking for the best Tips on Traveling to Thailand with Kids? Check out our post, Top Tips for Traveling to Thailand with Kids.

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Things to do in Phuket

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Have you ever been to Thailand with kids? Ever been at all? Would you go or not? Drop a comment below. Until next time Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Inspired. 


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