Welcome back to part II of Airbnb is the new resort. If you missed part I, you can read it HERE!


Airbnb is the hot new accommodation-marketplace that is making a big boom in the market. Trade in your hotel tickets for a house key. Keep the check-in line and show me automated check in and out process. Airbnb is an innovative new way for travelers to see the world on a budget!


Let’s jump right back into our continuation of 10 reasons to choose Airbnb over a resort or hotel for your next trip.


6)  It Is Easier to Stay Healthy

For traveling families who want to cook your own meals, Airbnbs offer an incredible advantage. You can easily prepare meals to enjoy with your family in a full kitchen.


Oftentimes resorts and hotels only offer meager accomodation with limited cooking utensils. Constantly eating out while traveling can lead you to make low-quality meal decisions, harm your budget and simply cause an overall imbalance on your body and mind.


Staying in an Airbnb allows you to take a step back and actually plan your meals out. You can either cook them, buy and store your snacks, or simply make sure there’s always fresh fruit and vegetables around.


7) Personalized Services

I really love all the personalized services that come with an Airbnb. It’s so easy for your family to feel at home with a full kitchen, laundry room and private outside area for the kids to play. In our most recent Airbnb in Thailand, we even had a personal swimming pool which was amazing.


8) Local Experience


When renting an Airbnb rental, you might have the opportunity to stay in a local neighborhood. It’s an exciting opportunity to get the “insider scoop” on your travels. Being a true anthropologist you can easily explore the culture, customs and language of your host area.  Dine where locals dine, go off the beaten path, talk and have fun with a local.


9) Privacy & Independence

If you opt for a “full apartment or house” there shouldn’t be any privacy concerns. If you book a room then you should make sure that you understand any privacy policies. These are usually outlined in property details.  Guests can choose to cook at home or to go to the restaurant. For this reason, it is the perfect solution for families, groups of friends or a romantic getaway for two.

10) Entertainment

Accommodations often include a big screen TV with Netflix, wifi and utilities. Each property is different and you should read the details carefully so you are not burned. At a “Airbnb gone wrong” in London, we ended up reserving a house that did not have a tv included.


As we were meeting with extended family and spending a generous 2 weeks there you can understand why I had to cancel it. Beware that you may be hit with a cancellation fee if your cancellation reason isn’t approved by Airbnb.


All in all I definitely give Airbnb my stamp of approval. It is a great option for families, couples and groups as a home away from home. Personally, I think I have found my new way of travelling. What about you?


If you want to try Airbnb for your next travel experience, feel free to use my affiliate link and get a $40 travel credit you can use for your next trip.


Read part I HERE!

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