Meet the LAM FAM. 


I’m known to close friends and family as Shaunie or Shola.

I am the beaming burst of energy in a home of 2 beautiful girls and one Amazing husband.

My husband and I love to travel and learn about new and different cultures. After we had children we didn’t want our travels to come to an end. We decided instead to continue traveling as a family and #Worldschool our children.

This site was created as a way to share our life and travel experiences with others and inspire more families (especially of color) to explore life outside of the U.S.A

There is no one path to life. You can literally create the life you want to live

Live a life that is true and authentic to your family. 



ME: Energetic ball of creativity by day and blogger by night! Favorite things to do are travel, spend time outdoors and stalk information on the web.

Hubby: King of the castle. Accountant, trader, and lover of all things numbers. Always up for an adventure.

Oldest daughter (3): The smart and witty adventurer. Known as the mirror because her mocking behavior will show you your reflection in a heartbeat.

Youngest daughter (2): The Irie one. Irie is a Jamaican term used to describe something that is nice, good or pleasing. Irie is always happy, joyful and has a wide grin on her face.

Now that you’ve met my family, I’d love to meet you! Drop a comment with your name and where you’re from! Don’t forget to subscribe to learn all about our new adventures!!!