8 Travel Essentials for Baby


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In honor of our coming family cruise to the Bahamas, I wanted to share  8 travel essentials you NEED to pack when traveling with a baby or toddler.


These 8 travel essentials for baby are specifically geared to cruises but can be useful in any type of travel.*



travel essentials for baby

$1’s, $5’s and $10’s.



Traveling to another country is an amazing experience. In all the rush and excitement of an upcoming vacation, many people forget about the shopping they will do out on the mainland. This is especially common on cruise ports.

Many souvenir shops, markets, and food stands do not accept credit cards or large bills. Carrying small bills is definitely a travel essential for baby as they will likely want a snack, diaper, wipe or toy when out and about.


Travel essentials for baby

If you are going on a cruise that begins and ends in the United States you may not need a passport. In such cases, you are required to provide a copy of your birth certificate. This is definitely a travel essential for baby as any airline or cruise will need to validate the baby’s identity.

If the baby is not your child you may be required to have written permission from the parent to travel with the baby. Be sure to double-check any requirements before you travel and have all of these documents together in a labeled folder before leaving for your cruise.



travel essentials for baby

I mean, as a mother, this goes without saying for me. My kids love to touch everything! I’m always sure to do a once-over Lysol wipe of the main areas in our new “home”. Especially the toilet, door handles and pretty much any open surface.

Hotel rooms, cruises, and planes get a ton of traffic. I don’t like to take chances with germs if I can help it. Lysol wipes are definitely one of my top travel essentials for baby.


I always find it handy to have some water around for myself. Drink enough of it and your appetite is instantly curbed. Perfect pacifier because food will be constantly thrown at you during your stay. As a matter of fact, vacations are usually when we consume the most.

We stay away from sugary drinks in my household so convenient access to water is an absolute must. Water bottles are a travel essential for baby because it ensures your baby will stay hydrated while out in the hot sun.


These bad boys are definitely a travel essential for baby. There are so many fun activities to do onboard a cruise ship that your children’s nap routine will likely get off whack.

Be prepared with one or two blankets to ensure you are ready for any spontaneous napping that should occur. Also can be used for quick diaper changes, as a breastfeeding cover or a shade for your little one.



When you’re traveling to the sunny Caribbean, it may seem counter-intuitive to bring a jacket with you. Yes, the weather may be nice and sunny, but what about when you’re lying on the deck in the evening? Or in the extra chilly dining room when your family eats.

A spare jacket is a travel essential for baby because it ensures he or she is always comfortable and enjoying their stay.



Some cruises take pride in offering formal dining options. These nights on deck, affectionately known as Captain’s Night have an elegant dress code. You may also have seen friends or family who’ve come back from a cruise with amazing self-portraits.

Those beautiful well-dressed portraits are a result of coming prepared. Be sure to pack a formal outfit as a travel essential for baby, so everyone is prepared should the occasion call for it.


My children will be 2 and 11 months at the time we take our first family cruise. This means I need to have diapers, bottles, snacks, sanitizer and wipes at the ready.

A backpack is far superior to a diaper bag on cruises. It can easily be slung on your back, seat or in lap while on deck. This keeps your valuables close and convenient. Great travel essentials for both baby and mom.

Well there you have it folks, 8 travel essentials to pack when traveling with a baby or toddler. I hope you found this list helpful for your next cruise or trip.

I am all packed for our very first family 2-Night Cruise to the Bahamas. Parents, is there anything you would add to this list?

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