6 Must Have’s for a Successful Group Trip



6 Must-Haves for a successful group trip.



Those Impossible Group Trips…

I know you all have seen those supermodel group shots of beautiful ladies or handsome men gathered together in some exotic location. You know the ones- matching bathing suits or trendy tees looking like the unicorns of “everyday vacationing”. 

Ever wonder how they were able to do the impossible and get everyone together on a group trip? If you’re anything like me, it’s almost Mission Impossible to get everyone to the same house on Thanksgiving, talk less of out of the state or country!

After finally getting my extended family all together this past week for a cruise, I can tell you the secret to a successful group trip lies in the planning and execution…

1) Plan a Really Quick Trip. 

For a variety of reasons, this is one of the most important aspects of a successful group trip. Most people can tolerate only so much “People” time and yes that includes family.

Try making your group trip something that can be completed in 3 days or less. The less time required the more people are able to attend. Think about people with strict work attendances or children. Almost everyone can take 2 days away without it causing an inconvenience.

2) Make it Affordable and Offer Payment Plans.

One of the major barriers to successful group vacations is affordability. Not only do you need to make the price point one just about everyone can afford, you also want to space payments out in a way that makes sense.

Low monthly plans are always good option with a major chunk becoming due after the Christmas holidays around Tax Season. This amount can be a little larger as most people are expecting a check around this time. A good travel agent should be able to offer payment plans for everyone in your group.


3) Seek the Assistance of a Seasoned Travel Expert. 

As a travel agent and writer, I have seen many group plans fall apart without a travel expert on hand. It’s really no fault to the person who tries putting the travel plans together, but it can be a long and daunting process without the necessary programs in place. I have been called upon countless times to save a group trip that is in the process of unraveling because it’s just too much to keep up with.

Think of the Travel Agent as the liaison between the finish line and the start of the race. They work to ensure all parties are submitting payments, have proper documentation and all ducks are in a row prior to the trip.

Most travel agents are paid directly from the supplier so there is no additional cost to the group. A good travel agent can definitely make the trip happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you are looking to book a group cruise or travel and would like assistance planning it, please visit our booking WEBSITE.

4) Select a Trip that Appeals to Everyone. 


When planning group travel, it is important to make it someplace that would appeal to different types of people. Some people are introverted, some extroverted. Some people love the water and swimming, some like watching shows and eating. For this reason, selecting a location with variety is essential.

Cruises and All-Inclusive Resorts work well for group travel in this aspect. There are a variety of activities available to accommodate different tastes. If you are booking a trip with the family, most cruises and resorts offer Kids Club and babysitting referrals. This would immediately hook a family with small children who would love the opportunity for some alone time in an exotic location.


5) Select All-Inclusive Options

You want to make the trip as all-inclusive as possible because you don’t want people worrying about having loads money to spend once they get to the location. If you are booking a trip that doesn’t include food or activities, think about adding a small cost per person to purchase food and cook it together.

You can also rent or purchase board games, electronics and alcohol to make your own entertainment. The more the perceived value of the trip, the more people desire it.

6) Make a Facebook Page or Platform for the Travel Group 

Once group travel plans have been decided, you should create a social media platform on which to communicate to your audience. I recommend a Private Facebook Group as just about everyone is on FaceBook. In the group you want to regularly post pictures, updates and payment deadlines. Also be sure to encourage discussion among travelers.

This community serves two purposes. One, to encouraging bonding and familiarity with those coming. Two, to build excitement and anticipation among those coming and prevent back-outs. Once people begin looking forward to, and envisioning themselves in the location, they are less likely to back out from the trip.


So you see, a group trip can be successfully put together and completed with just a simple 6 step formula. For more travel tips and tricks for your next trip SUBSCRIBE BELOW.


Have you ever taken a group trip? Comment below. Until next time… Be well, Be healthy, Be inspired. 


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